How to be more confident with girls

Possibly, this is most asked questions from the boys because they really want to impress their girls and feel confident around girls. 

Shyness is a good thing, but over shyness can kill your confidence because “The lack of confidence is linked with the fear of embarrassment.”

Fear always stop boys to reach out to the girl, but if you want to control your fear and shyness, then we are breaking down some steps that will bring your confidence back in you, and you can be the life of the party. 

So, let’s get started!

How to be more confident with girls

Overcome Shyness

As told earlier above, shyness isn’t a bad thing, but over shyness can kill your confidence. Ask yourself, “What situation makes you feel shy,” this will help you address your issue, and you’ll end up getting rid of shyness. 

We are listing down some of the points linked with the shyness, and you might fix them in order to get rid of “Fear of getting embarrassed.” 

  • You might be hesitant when speaking up in public/socially situations

  • You talk too softly or mumble during talking

  • You always avoid social gatherings

  • You always talk too much because of nervousness

Work on the points given above and believe us, you’ll end up being more confident than a lot of individuals around you. 

A good resource for overcoming shyness and anxiety is my post on how to boost your confidence.

Anxiety is also a very serious problem affecting many people today, anxiety is the charisma killer as you spend most of your time in your head instead of being present in the social interaction.

If you suffer from anxiety, I also have a post on how to deal with anxiety.

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Change your thoughts about you

Are you thinking negatively about you constantly? If yes, then don’t worry, it happens with everyone, but you need to change this habit because it is killing your confidence. 

Few of the most common things that might hit your mind during the negative thoughts interval are listed below:

  • I am not a social person or socially awkward

  • I am ugly 

  • She will never ever like me

  • I am too weird 

All the above-mentioned things will make you believe that you’re not a worthy person to get any sort of attention from the girl. But, you need to change your thoughts and put all the things in your mind that are listed below:

  • I am awesome!

  • I like talking to everyone

  • I am going to talk to her and make her my new friend

This will boost your confidence, and you’ll end up getting confident with girls as well. 

Let’s move to the next step that you need to follow. 

Dress well to impress

To present yourself in the best light or to become the center of attention, you need to dress well, and to have a great “Dressing Sense” is always a plus. 

It doesn’t matter what you ever as long as it looks good on you. No style on earth says, “Yes, now I am confident,” but when you believe in dressing, you know you’re confident. 

According to New York Times, when you feel more physically attractive, you’re going to feel more confident. Something like; simple clothes, a new hair cut, and a pair of “great shoes” can be a great step in the right direction. 

So, what are you waiting for? Go to the barbershop now and get the haircut done now. We want you to look stylish and sophisticated. 

Make eye contact when speaking with any girl

Communication isn’t only about “talking to each other,” it’s just more than words. Sometimes, what you say isn’t important, but the way you say it is important. 

Make sure that you choose the right words and care for the people you “like talking to” because if you somehow make them smile, you’ll see your confidence needle going up like a rocket. 

Make sure that you make eye contact with a right smile. 

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Conquer your insecurities

Yes, conquering your insecurities is the only way to go. 

What is stopping you from getting the “Top-Level Confidence?” Are you ashamed of anything that happened before?

Is it a bad bed experience? Is it a lack of money? Is it your height? 

Whatever it is, just conquer it. 

If you feel like; your height is the main obstacle between you and the girl, then open “Youtube” now and search “Short men dating beautiful women.” You’ll be shown thousands of results related to your query. 

Ashamed of the way you look? Get up right now, get in shape, get adorable clothing, and realize one thing “Your looks are the small fraction of your attraction.” 

So, we really hope that you’re going to kick the insecurities away and will work on the things that we have mentioned above. 

Practice Talking in the mirror

If you’re not confident to talk directly to the girl, then practice talking in the mirror. Watch out your facial expressions and think about what response you’re going to get with this conversation. 

Knowing what you must say at the time of the meeting “helps you in staying” more confident. And, don’t forget to smile at yourself everyday in-front of the mirror because it will boost your self-esteem too. 

So, write down something that you want to say to your girl and keep on practicing because “it’s worth it.”

Start going to the gym

Going to the gym will surely boost your confidence and will help you stay confident in-front of girls. Let’s break down some of the benefits linked with the “Gym.”

  • It will make you feel happier

  • It will kick the stress away

  • It will increase your energy levels 

  • It will keep your brain healthy and memory strong

Additionally, it will help you look attractive and muscular. And guess what? Girls do like gym boys. 

So, start going to the gym from today and say hello to the “Confidence.”

That’s all from the topic “How to be more confident with girls.” We have done our part by sharing the best ways to boost your confidence; now it’s your turn to act upon the advice. 

Become Suave!

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