5 Essential Traits of Highly Attractive People

What are the traits of highly attractive people? What’s that one thing that gets a guy from “loser” to “come to mamma” in the blink of an eye? Well, it’s not one thing per se, but rather several. Coming to rescue your abysmal (or just perplexing) love life is SuaveWay with the best list of attractive traits that make women go nuts!

traits of highly attractive people

Core Attractive Qualities in a Person (Hint: It Isn’t Just Your Looks That Will Get the Ladies Flocking To You!

Everyone we meet seems to be brimming with advice on how to get women to like us. Be mean to them, ignore them, lead them on, and similar borderline abusive theories are always floating around. We’re here to shut them down. 

The only way to get someone to be interested in us is to show them we have something worthy of being interested in. Therefore, we have to work on ourselves and better ourselves every day to be able to spark that delightful flare of attraction.

If you’re looking for a chick-flick moment where you lock eyes with a gorgeous girl and her knees quiver from the sheer attraction and the instantaneous chemistry between the two of you — we have some bad news. Sure, that can happen, but we wouldn’t be banking on it as a solid plan for the future. 

However, there are ways to get the girl of your dreams (or any other girl, for that matter). All you have to do is display attractive traits. 

Effects of lack of confidence

First Things First — What Not To Do

When we like someone, we should tell them. We shouldn’t rely on not-so-subtle hints! Just tell them. However, we shouldn’t keep telling them over and over again. 

We all want to make sure our partners feel loved, appreciated, and cherished. But there’s a fine line between devotion and neediness. 

Pro Tip: Don’t Be Needy

Demanding all of our partner’s time and attention can become tiresome really quickly. What’s more, when we’re desperate for someone else’s time and energy, we can come off as frantic. 


  • Destroys our chances for a healthy relationship. 

All relationships are about give-and-take. If one person is demanding much more than their fair share of attention, they will drive their partner running for the hills in no time.

  • Makes us seem hypersensitive and “high-maintenance.” 

When it comes to traits of highly attractive people, neediness is never on the list. Being needy makes us reek of self-doubt because we’re asking for constant reassurances of our partner’s affection and devotion. Who has the time for that?

  • Isn’t sexy. 

Neediness is the opposite of sexy, given that it portrays an image of a completely uncertain and timid person. Confidence is what the game is all about!

  • Is exhausting.

If we’re continually berating our partner to text us, call us, think about us all day, and generally pay attention to us, we aren’t giving them enough time to actually miss us. Soon, we’ll become nothing more than a burden and that one dreadful phone call they have to make during the day.

How to be more confident

Essential Traits of Highly Attractive People

So, neediness is a no-go. But what are the most attractive qualities in a person? 

Beauty Is in the Eye of the Beholder, but You Know What Isn’t? Confidence!

Women (and everyone else) love a confident man. When we’re commanding the room with poise and are oozing confidence, people take notice. But why?

Confidence is Assuring

Confident people send out a particular message to others. It’s a message of self-acceptance. They know who they are and what they offer. They realize that might not be other people’s cup of tea (if they don’t, then we aren’t talking about confidence anymore but of arrogance). Still, they are determined to be themselves regardless. Most importantly, they believe they are good enough exactly as they are.

It’s Also Sexy

Confident men have some sort of magnetic pull. They charm other people into being around them and, more importantly, wanting to stay there. 

Men who are confident don’t feel the need to scam their way into people’s lives (or hearts) because they think they are good enough to get there on their own. So, women tend to trust them more. What’s more, confident men seem more reliable and capable. Who wouldn’t want someone like that in their life?

First Impressions Matter — So Don’t Mess Them Up

When it comes to traits of highly attractive people, being able to stand out in the crowd is right there at the top. We want people to remember us for all the right reasons.

That’s why we must make a great first impression. But it’s not just that first, initial impression that matters. The way we carry ourselves (how we talk and behave) is also essential.

Be a Good Conversationalist

Women like men who are authentic and can carry a conversation. Of course, that doesn’t mean we should talk incessantly to fill in all silences. But we should be pleasant to talk to. 

Carrying a conversation seamlessly gives the impression of a well-rounded person who has interests and keen knowledge of various fields and topics. And that’s precisely the impression we want other people to have of us. 

What’s more, we should be consistent in our behavior as well. We can’t slip into another persona around the person we like or are attracted to. That will get old really quickly. Not to mention, the person will see through it in a blink of an eye. Being honest while making sure we’re making a good impression is a thin line that we have to walk expertly if we’re to attract anyone.

Looking Like a Hobo Is so Out, It’s Not Even Funny Anymore

Well-groomed men have more sex appeal. It’s a fact of life — there’s not enough beauty in the world that can balance out the nastiness of a poorly kept man. 

When we take care of ourselves, we not only look good, but we also give off an impression of being able to take care of other people. And, far be it for us to negate the self-sufficiency of women, but everyone likes to be taken care of. So, we should use that to our advantage, and present an image that’s pleasant to look at.

The Secret of Adulting: Always Be Well Put Together, It Makes You Look Like a Good Provider

Being well-groomed means not only being freshly showered and shaved (or with a kept beard) but also being generally put together.

Men who look put together and as if they are starting the day by putting their best foot forward are simply more attractive than those who slouch and look as if they just rolled out of bed.

A Positive Attitude and Approachability Will Get You Those Digits (Open Body Language Is a Must!)

Appearing enthusiastic when you’re talking to someone makes the other person feel engaged in the conversation. It seems like you’re happy to speak with them (which you probably are) and makes them feel special. And, if you make them feel special, they’ll be more attracted to you.

It might seem simple, but it’s the truth. Having a positive attitude and open body language that makes you look approachable increases your chances of attracting a partner. Turning to the other person while you speak to them, maintaining eye contact (but not at the “serial killer” intensity), and smiling at them while listening intently will score you more dates than a grouchy attitude and a frown ever could!

Attractive Couple

Vital Personality Traits of Highly Attractive People That You Need to Start Working on Right Now  

Some people think that their good looks are enough to get them by and land them the partner of their dreams. While that might be the case for some, having a pleasant personality is usually much more critical. 

Humor — If You Make Her Laugh, You’ll Make Her Yours

Have you ever seen a man that landed a girl so attractive, you feel the need to ask him what the secrets of life (and seduction) are? Well, don’t bother, we’ll tell you. He’s probably extremely funny. 

Everyone loves a good laugh. However, having a stellar sense of humor is more important than you might think. Being funny is a surefire sign of being intelligent and quick-witted. And women appreciate that. What’s more, if you’re funny, you’re giving the impression of being fun to be around, which really bodes well for the future (if you ask the ladies).

Show Some Passion 

If you show a potential partner that you’re passionate about something and that you’re willing to spend time and energy on something that makes you happy, you’re essentially telling them that you’re both confident and devoted. And, as we already mentioned, those are the two top traits of highly attractive people. 

Having a passion means going for something that you’re interested in, no matter what. It’s not a guarantee, but it does send a message of being willing to go to bat for something (or someone). You see where we’re going with this, right?

Optimism — Nobody Likes a Debbie Downer

We all have our moments of pessimism. But when life brings you down, you want to have someone by your side who will lift you up and help carry the burden. That’s why being optimistic about the future (and in general) is on the list of attractive traits.

Furthermore, pessimists don’t accomplish as much as optimists do. They go into things thinking they’ll fail, and, in a swirl of self-fulfilling prophecy, they, of course, fail. Thus, optimists appear to be more accomplished and capable. And women love competent, successful men. No success story started out with “Well, I thought I was going to fail, but then I didn’t.” That’s not a success story, that a fluke!

A Few Parting Words

So, there you have it! Being a confident, balanced extrovert that’s funny and looks put together is your recipe for success. Of course, we can’t all be equally successful or good looking. But we can all put in the necessary effort to be as attractive as possible by working on developing (or honing) these traits of highly attractive people. 

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