About Suave Way

“I believe changing our lives starts by defeating our limiting beliefs and creating a new image of ourselves. If you don’t see yourself as a confident competent person, you start to abandon your amazing potential.”

- Nicolas Tailor

The Suave Way is the way to become a person with a strong sense of purpose and self-esteem (not egotistical), a “suave” person.

You can't hope for this to happen to you, because it can only come from you.

And that is why:

My mission is to create an encyclopedia with the knowledge I’ve gathered by fighting my own battles with social anxiety for years,here you will learn how to develop your beliefs about yourself in a positive light and start your journey towards better mental health and relationships.

Once I started my path to becoming suave, I started receiving better opportunities, even without formal education I started working at “real jobs” that made “real money” and changed my life in unexpected ways.

I started to notice the path I had taken, a path to a warmer, brighter and happier life. And it all started with redefining my beliefs of where my limits laid, I now decided where I would place them.

By developing our self confidence which is built upon positive beliefs on ourselves, we start to build the base for amazing progress in our lives, we dare to make moves that are more rewarding and meaningful.

The Suave Way is a way of life.

Who am I?

You can call me Nico, I'm using a pen name of "Nicolas Tailor" because I prefer to keep my identity private.

I'm a blogger with a tech background and through my earlier years I suffered from social anxiety and lacked people skills. That made my life really hard as I had to constantly check in with my team and work together to create solutions.

During that time of my life I collected and studied a lot of useful knowledge from sources like ex-fbi agents who developed ways of building rapport with enemies, entrepreneurs that led companies to incredible futures and psycologists helping people find their purposes in life.

I feel my purpose is to learn how to build the life that you want to live, and I started to create my own set of beliefs and habits surrounding the information I collected over the years.

This blog isn't only about social skills, it is about the journey of transforming yourself into a the best version of yourself.

Now get started!