5 Scientific Ways to Be More Attractive (Proven Methods Only)

Who would have thought that there are proven, scientific ways to be more attractive?

Every day, we are bombarded with images and videos of actors, models, and influencers as they flaunt their desirability. More often than not, this changes our perception of what looks good and what doesn’t. Unrealistic standards rule the day, and this can take a heavy toll on our perception of ourselves.

“How to be attractive?” we wonder while checking every little detail in the mirror, over and over again. Is it all about the facial structure, or having a lean, muscled physique? Perhaps appearance is a red herring, and money and status are the only true measurements of attractiveness?

Well, as research has determined, the greatest contributors to how desirable we are, are the little things. These are the details that often go under our conscious radar, but actively affect the way that others perceive us. If we learn what those factors are and how to use them properly, we’ll go from unattractive to attractive in no time at all. So, without further ado, here are 5 scientific ways to be more attractive.

Be More Attractive

One of the most basic ways for us to arouse a person’s interest is by communicating our intentions clearly. This is not the same as being good with words, though that wouldn’t hurt. We are talking about the whole picture, or rather performance, that we give as we go about our business. In short, just by being more direct, we can stick out in a good way.

A study has shown that there is a strong connection between attraction and being able to understand another person’s affect and motivations. Someone being transparent with their intentions and emotions will flick a switch in our mind — and instantly register as interesting. The easier we can decipher a person’s emotions by simply looking at them, the more invested we become. The reward circuits in our brain light up, telling us, “this person and I are speaking the same language!”

This, of course, works both ways, and we can put it to good use by improving our expressiveness. Paying attention to things like eye contact, a friendly expression, a sincere smile, and our body language will go a long way in improving our presence and is one of those foolproof scientific ways to be more attractive. The real world is not anime, and being glum and broody all the time won’t take us far!

And when it does come to starting or upholding a conversation, we should keep in mind that it is often good to put our feelings into words. What we experience on the inside may be pleasant or unpleasant, but until we go out and say it, it effectively doesn’t exist. By releasing it into the world, we will further cement our identity — and make ourselves more remarkable.


Develop Your Sense of Humor

This has been stressed more times than anyone can count, but we’ll say it again: humor is important. Being able to crack jokes, play with words, or non-verbally amuse others will drastically raise our overall attractiveness. Plus, the benefits of having a developed sense of humor don’t end there. While expanding our knowledge of comedy, we can also learn how to gauge others’ interest in us.

By laughing at our jokes, a person tells us that they are interested. By laughing at our jokes wholeheartedly, a person lets us know that they are very interested. And when we laugh at someone’s jokes in kind, we are all but confirming mutual attraction. Thus, humor is more than a mere accessory; it is a means of communication in its own right.

This plays right into the prior point of being easy to understand. Let’s face it — not everyone will be able to make many people laugh, but there will always be someone, somewhere, who will find them hilarious. Our humor is our whale song, and sooner or later, someone will respond. And by expanding our knowledge of comedy and how and when to apply it, our song will improve.

Yes, being funny is one of the best scientific ways to be more attractive. But no matter how powerful a means of communication it is, humor is never something we should force. If our date isn’t laughing at our jokes, chances are that they simply don’t like us much. Shared laughter is one of the building blocks of a good, long-lasting relationship, not to mention how much easier it makes dealing with life in general!

Dogs Make Interactions Easier

One of the proven scientific ways to be more attractive is to get a dog and take good care of it. With its eyes full of affection, an innocent stare, and lively behavior, a dog is quick to catch anyone’s eye. Furthermore, walking around with a well-groomed pet will say a lot about our empathy and ability to take care of another living being. We will be projecting a powerful image that will deeply resonate with other people.

Several studies have confirmed that the presence of dogs makes humans far more sociable and relaxed. People are more likely to interact with a stranger walking a dog than with one who is pacing alone. This applies to everyone; men, women, and children alike will incite a better reaction when they are in the company of a domestic dog. Being our friends since time immemorial, canines’ unshakable trust in us seems to subtly motivate us to be more trusting.

And this effect seems to extend further than the more shallow interactions. In the above mentioned studies, the men with dogs had better success at pretty much anything they attempted. For instance, they found it easier to get women’s phone numbers, and the women often reacted more favorably to a slight touch from them. This is no excuse for us to stretch the boundaries of etiquette, but it’s certainly good to know.

As a bonus, dogs are wonderful companions. They may ask for a lot but will give much more in return.

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Take Care of Yourself and Show It

While there is no denying the value of outward appearance, what most don’t know is that genetics is only part of the equation. Carrying ourselves with confidence is one of the oldest scientific ways to be more attractive. 

And nothing communicates confidence better than walking around in a body that we can be proud of. This, of course, doesn’t mean that we must all build six-packs and shoulder boulders. However, it does stress the importance of self-care.

Staying healthy should be our prime concern, as our health not only plays a crucial role in the length of our lives but also affects pretty much everything that we do. Other people do have insight into how well oiled of a machine our organism is, and this insight plays a crucial role in how attractive we appear to them. For example, people have often described facial adiposity, a trait linked to numerous health complications, as unattractive.

Health is, of course, a complicated issue, and since everyone is different, there is no one piece of advice to fit all. That being said, some universal lifestyle changes will help most people. Proper diet, regular exercise, and an occasional medical checkup will all help with preventing the development or worsening of diseases. The better our body works, the more others will take notice.

Don’t Get Stressed

“Try to avoid stress” is one of the most common and worn-out pieces of advice that anyone has ever heard. In this case, however, there’s plenty of reason for everyone to keep trying to drill it into our heads. Stress is not only bad for our physical health but — according to more recent studies — may also lower our facial attractiveness.

We’re not talking about baggy eyes, poor posture, shaky hands, and a pale complexion here. When we get nervous, everyone around us can tell, even though they may not be aware of it. Stress is so powerful that it can actually change our features in the slightest of ways. And as it turns out, women do not find these temporary changes attractive.

The biggest problem here, of course, is the fact that stress is a part of everyday life. But while we can’t eliminate it, we can try to minimize it. Caffeine, alcohol, and nicotine, for instance, are well-known stress aggravators, so we should lower our intake or avoid them entirely. A lack of sleep is also a major contributor, so whenever we can, we should grab some z’s.


Whoever said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder was absolutely wrong. Beauty — or the perception of it — is in pretty much every part of a human being’s nervous system. Whenever someone looks, hears, or touches us, some part of them reacts in some way. And while this is a complex system, we are slowly learning how to make the most of it.

Us coming off as attractive is not only about our bodies, the clothes we wear, or even what we say. It is a weave of countless subtle factors, most of which we probably still know nothing about. 

What we do know, however, is that the five methods listed above will certainly make a difference. These scientific ways to be more attractive will definitely work if we make an effort to put them to good use.

Become Suave!

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