Simplest Ways To Get Your Confidence Back (8 Quick Tips)

So, have you lost your confidence in your abilities? 

Is there anything that is holding you back for pursuing your dreams or career goals?

It’s something that we all face, and we think the question “Lost Confidence in my Abilities” is valid. 

By working on your self-confidence and self-esteem, you can actually pursue your dreams. This is why we have decided to enlighten you guys with the simplest ways to get your lost confidence back. 

With the ways written below, you’ll surely be able to get back to work, perform the tasks efficiently, and you’ll witness positive changes in you. That’s because you’ll start to realize that “Confidence is the foremost thing for survival at the workplace” and to keep your abilities going up. 

Without wasting any time further, let’s break down the ways to get confidence back. Here we go!

Lost Confidence in my Abilities

1 - Find your comfort zone

Look, everyone has a comfort zone, and you need to find your comfort zone first. Yes, there’s no wrong in working on “So many abilities,” but you also love to work that compels you to use your “Best Ability.”

So, finding the comfort zone is what we recommend to you. Whatever makes you feel comfortable, get into that zone. 

Getting in the comfort zone doesn’t mean that “you’re hiding from your problems,” but you’re there to recharge, just like your muscle and mind some time, food, and proper sleep to recharge. 

So, find your comfort zone first in order to regain your composure. 

2 - Change your thoughts

It’s time to “Change your thoughts” and start to think positively about yourself. Yes, negativity can kill your confidence and abilities.

Every time you come up with a negative thought about you, indulge yourself with some positive activity, and find a way to overcome the situation. 

Always remember, most of the problems are in your “Head,” and if you somehow learn how to control your mind, ain’t nobody in the world can make you feel or think negatively about you.  This TED Talk has a great tip on how to change the way you think and break bad habits:

3 - Dress well and clean yourself up

Staying clean and cleanliness is close to godliness (That’s how we think). Hygiene is always important to boost your confidence- because it’s hard to think positive about yourself when you’re stained, sweaty, or dirty. 

No matter what circumstance you’re facing in your life, you’ve to stay clean all the time- as it’s the key to success and confidence. 

4 - Face the Fears

Everyone has a list of fears and phobia; but, there are a lot of people that don’t want to admit it. Acceptance is the key here because if you accept “this makes me fear,” you’ll easily encounter your problems. 

For instance, I am afraid of snakes, heights, spiders, loss of control, or just anything under the sun. These are natural fears, and some people have fears of “Embarrassment” and “Fired from the job,” too. You can overcome these fears by facing them because “When you survive, you’ll be much more confident than before.”

Signs Of A Charismatic Person Confidence

5 - Live in the present

In my opinion this is the single most important tip I have to give.


Yes, thinking about the past and future can kill your confidence. Overthinking is your “Biggest Enemy,” and it can completely fade away your confidence, skills, and abilities to perform a specific task. 

Learn to appreciate things you have and around you. By practicing gratitude, you’ll be able to change your perspective about seeing things. 

Instead of thinking about “Losing your client” or “failing a test,” you should be thankful for the air your breathe, the food you eat, the job you have, and the people you love. 

Focus on the present, because that’s all you have. For more insight on how you can achieve this, I'd read The Art of Now.

Improving Social Skills

6 - Socialize

You’re not a social person, right?

You don’t love to hang out with friends, family, or relatives? 

If that is the case, then you need to change your habit of staying alone and not going out with the one you love. 

When you go out with your friends or family, it will automatically boost your confidence because they will regain your confidence. 

But, if they are the reason for your “Lack of Confidence” then expand your social circle, make new friends, go out with them, share your problems with them and you’ll feel much lighter, happier and confident. 

Go to public places and interact with unknown people. If you failed to make an impression or completely blow it, there’s nothing to worry about. They were never a part of your life before, and you won’t miss them. 

7 - Play a Game

You play video games for a lot of reasons, and guess what? Boosting confidence is one of them. 

In real life, you start to feel the heat of boredom every day, and this makes you feel like “You’re a useless person.” But, when you go to play video games, you can be whoever you want. 

Every game has some “Achievements and Levels” to unlock new features when you hunt down some easy wins; it boosts your confidence to snatch the difficult ones too.

So, playing games can really boost your confidence. You can give it a try and then let us know in the comment section whether it worked for you or not. 

8 - Try Again

If you lack the confidence because of the failures, then wake up and try doing the same thing again. You’ll see improvements, positive energy in you, and “Failure Word” fading away from your life- remember, you don’t have to do everything quickly. You can do practice, take your time, and then come up with new ideas to solve the matter. 

So, that’s how you get your confidence back on your abilities, and if you’ve any questions regarding the topic above, then feel free to comment down below. 

If you want to build more confidence, check out my posts on confidence.

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