6 Secrets On How To Be Funny (Easy Steps)

Have you ever felt the urge to make people enjoy your company?

If you have ever felt the need to make people enjoy your company, then this is the article that perfectly matches your needs. 

Being funny and making people want to have you close may not be natural. Most of the techniques are learned. 


Sometimes you may be an introvert by nature and want to get rid of that boring lifestyle. After dedicating your time learning some of the essential techniques in this article, you will take many by shock on your changed personality.

how to be funny

How important is it to sound funny?

Being funny will invite many things to come your way; you will know how important is it for a human being to laugh. Being funny will make you change sad people to lively people and make those close to you happier and relieved from emotional stress.

Have a glance at how I had a boring dinner with one of my new friends

After exchanging greetings, we sat around the table, ready to begin our dinner, and everybody was quiet. We stayed quiet, and the silence made boredom hit like a bombshell. I did not know how to initiate the conversation and exactly what topics to discuss.

After a 10 minutes silence, I shot a question at her on how her day was. Surprised with her immediate reply, I realized she was ready to talk, but I had nothing to say. I kept thinking of what she will enjoy talking about, but nothing came through.

I later realized we had spent nearly one and a half hours! It was growing later, and she had to leave for home. It was more boring and disappointing when the time came to bid her bye! 

The next morning, I couldn’t stop thinking of how the previous day was not my day! My head was full, and I felt hopeless and immature!

I had to hunt on ways to improve in my conversations. It all begun from Google, where I discovered several tricks to be funny and make many enjoy your company.

All the tricks I discovered, each day I put them in practice to test on whether it could work. With the least expectations, I didn’t believe it was real to hear people smiling and most of the time laughing!

Many people found me interesting and always wanted to be with me. Soon my friend list was ballooning, and people kept laughing whenever they came into contact with me.

Here are some of the techniques that changed my life and a bit of my personality:

Are you a culprit of Yes/ No answers?

Most people always prefer answering a question with either a yes or no. Similar to those who usually ask the questions; they always expect the answer to be a yes or no.

When you break the rules and the norms by ignoring the yes or no and opt for another alternative, you are likely to respond funnily.

You can also make people puzzled by answering a question that needs a yes as an answer, but you saying no. This will drive mixed reactions as others may laugh loudly or get surprised. 

Being funny entails easy tricks; by doing that first technique, you would have made many laugh or smile. It is just as simple as that.

Do you know about the rule of 3?

As said before, being funny entails surprising the brain with the least expected move. Have a look at this, like while mentioning a flow of things such as blue, black, and hot. You realize that hot was the least expected answer.

This will trigger a mixed reaction that may include laughter.

Did you know that switching from characters may trigger laughter?

Stories have several characters. You can decide and play around with the character traits by exchanging them. You may have a similar story as this; the huge wolf became endangered after being spotted by a herd of dangerous goats! 

This will call for laughter and questions demanding answers on how a wolf in a real sense may become endangered after being spotted by a herd of helpless goats.

Someone will ask you whether you are going crazy as others laugh. Simple as that, you would have become funny, and many will be laughing their best.

It will be your chance if you get your friends in a story involving two characters. You can decide to exchange the character traits of the characters simply.

Look at this situation. Your friends are talking about the risks of overtaking a long trailer while driving a saloon car.

You can say it will be so risky for the long trailer if it gets overtook by a saloon car. This will drive questions of “how” amid laughter. You would have become funny!

Have you ever realized the word “whatever” has a huge impact?

One of my classmates kept asking me whether I like eating a lot of meat. We were in a group of 10, and everyone was expecting a yes or a no as the answer.

At first, I met everyone’s expectations by saying yes, and immediately a question came on whether I realize a change in my body weight. Soon the least expected came; my reply was soft “whatever.”

That is when I realized everyone appeared confused and laughing. They thought I was not shaken by being teased and appeared strong. This will trigger a peal of laughter at the guy who shot the question for losing it.

Always talk about real scenarios and not jokes

Jokes will not always drive laughter. Always base your talks in terms of real situations and do not come up with imaginations that you think are funny.

People will always come up with daily situations that they experience in their life and find them funny.

Many people always experience such situations, and you are stating the scenario, it will send bells ringing in their brains of how it was on the individuals' side.

That may drive laughter or shock from each individual, depending on how he or she found the situation at his or her personal view.

If you decide to come up with your cooked joke, some individuals may find it boring, or you may appear as a fool. Though while saying a real-life situation, whether it doesn’t appear funny, it will be normal.

Don’t rush the funny

It is advisable to always drive in your funny statement at the end of the talk. Rushing the funny statement may make it appear normal or may leave many people expecting for more. 

You don’t always need to say a new joke each time to make people laugh. At times repeating 

Your previous joke may make people callback and laugh so much as if it is a new joke.

These are some of the common factors that you know will improve your chance of being funny. Take a look and remind yourself about these:

Practice always makes perfect

This is a chorus that is always being sung by many people in each activity that one is a beginner.

The same chorus is found here too. Your success will be determined by how often you practice some of the detailed above techniques.

Every success story will always have determination. You can never be successful without taking the time to practice and learn. Each day will be different from the previous days, and soon you will be a pro.

You can also try writing some situations that you initially found funny in your life or those that always appear to be funny in your personal view.

Soon you will be climbing the ladder and even end up walking into classes. Most of the comedians are not born funny but learned the tricks either in school or from mentors.

Have you ever thought about scenarios that will never make you funny? You may say something funny, but nobody laughs. Here are some of the moves you should never make while trying to be funny.

how to be funny 2

Some Of The Top Reasons That Will Indicate That You Are Not Funny Or You Are Boring And How To Correct Them Immediately.

Here are some of the results from the previous research conducted from the past years on conversations and what exactly funny people say and do.

At some personal level, you may find them not funny, or they are not likely to work.

Though these are some of the factors that if you commit will make you not funny across various humor types and and generations:

You are too real

You always stick to being real or rather too literal; you are likely not to be funny. You should learn and practice how to play around with your real instincts. 

There are some situations that you should not state the real you. Like for instance, if your friend asks you about the size of the shirt or blouse you put on, don’t shout out the real size. 

If you do so, you are likely going to be too real, and that will be exactly what your friend expected if you decide and say that the size of your shirt depends on how heavy your meal was. This will make your friend shocked or find you crazy and that may drive in laughter.

For instance you don’t need to be so honest when someone asks you which type of body spay you use. Come on and say that is your natural scent and you are even allergic to perfumes.

Similar areas that may require you not to be that is when maybe you are experiencing difficulties with the systems or gadgets such as printer or phones.

You may go ahead and say that you don’t understand why the printer is on strike and its demands.

You can never laugh at yourself

Whatever makes you laugh may make many other people laugh. Try laughing at yourself at times. Sharing your relatively funny failures will make others laugh too.

People are always concerned with other people’s life. Take time and say your failures that you find messy. This will give other people a chance to laugh at you. 

You lack body language while saying your funny words

You may wonder the reason why you may say multiple funny statements yet nobody laughs. The main reason for this is that you don’t accompany your words with body language.

People who are victims to this over the past years since they tend to say very funny comments but the reactions from their audience always not appear to be marveled

To always give your words fuel and weight by accompanying them with body language. Body language will emphasize the words.

Have you ever asked yourself the reason why someone will never dedicate his or her time watching a movie that is muted?

The reason is that it will appear like a statue or a cartoon that demands very little attention.

You miss the words with more strength

The unexpected will always be realized in the deep details. Like for instance, if you say, “ He was beaten to a pulp,” and some say” all his bones were crushed to ashes with blows.”

You will realize that the second statement will spark laughter since it is something least expected and an exaggeration of what took place.

Words are more interesting and appear funnier as compared to others. I mean, the nature of the words differs in how funny they will be.

You can decide to opt for a more detailed description while introducing yourself to a group of individuals.

Like for instance, instead of saying you’re a driving instructor, you can decide to say you teach individuals to play with big boys' toys. Such an introduction is least expected and may spark laughter or mixed reactions.

You don’t exaggerate so much

This is more similar to the first point above. Don’t be so real. Real instances will never trigger laughter.

Laughter is always a product to something very opposite from the expected or appears to be awkward. Have a look at this situation that will result in different reactions from the audience. 

If you are driving behind a motorist that drives a bit slower and you need to overtake.

Someone may say,” This guy drives so slowly,” this will not spark any laughter since it is a common and real situation. But if someone says,” That guy drives a saloon car like a school bus,” this will make people laugh because it is opposite and exaggerated as compared to a normal situation.

Your comments never contradict

In human psychology, humans are always intrigued and become happier by contrast. If your reply tends to flow and lacks contrasts, you are not likely to be funny because it will appear to be so normal in the real-life situation.

For instance, you may put into a test these two statements; I love pets though Bulldogs appears rather ugly. This will spark a mixed reaction on why you tend to find that bulldogs are ugly in your opinion.

The answer that may result in different reactions is when someone asks you whether you are enjoying your new car. You may give a common answer such as “ I find it cool,” this will not lead to laughter since this is exactly the expected reply.

But on the other hand, if you choose to answer,” I love my new car though the maintenance cost is pulling me down.” This reply has a higher chance of getting the individual puzzled and may end up laughing why you purchased a car if, in a real sense, you were not ready to carter for its maintenance cost.

You really don’t take advantage of hypothetical

If you talk to different people and try to know them, you would come to know about different imaginations which are playful and humorous.

I’ve always wished to have a home brewery in my basement in my life,” which is actually not humorous on its own. But if you decide to add, “…except I’d probably end up gaining fifty pounds!” This will have a better position in sparkling mixed reactions that may include questions or a burst of massive laughter because it has a hypothetical possibility in its content.

Another instance that perfectly matches this is instead of stopping at “I love Victoria Gillian so much,” you stand a better chance if you choose to add a hypothetical to your comment, “…if I had some time, I’d have eaten the whole bag!” You could also play with your loved one, “I’m off for a run…” but you can decide and make it double or 10 times more humorous if you added a hypothetical, “…if I fail to return by 9, come make sure I am not passed out in a ditch somewhere.”

You lack enough Meta-comments

These are always in place to comment on the level of a situation or a conversation that you are involved in. 

Have a look at these instances because I lack further explanations regarding this, and the examples may well make you understand what exactly I am struggling to make you understand:

“That sneaker appears to be so nice… I noticed I should begin with a compliment before I asked you for a favor.” “I probably should have just held the door for you… I am so pissed of today.” “I intentionally wore an argyle sweater and also glasses, and that’s because you would have guessed that I look smarter than I am.” "I have no idea why I just sounded like an old British woman just then."

However, for the next time if you meet someone new, or even your friends make you meet someone new, then don’t stop just by saying ‘it’s pleasure meeting you.’ But instead, you need to make the situation funny by adding a meta-comment, like, ‘Well, I perhaps have to ask you again and again because I’m abysmal at names.’

And if the people find it amusing and laughed at that, then simply you could go ahead for the next by saying, “I may even call you Jerry or Derrick a few times until I get it right!”

These were, however, essential tricks and are just the tip of the iceberg on how to be funny. You can use them alternatively to deeply understand and learn how to be funny by purchasing a top-rated book in Amazon to make your stand out from the crowd.

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